Why Do I Have Too Much Pain During S€x? Know Here

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These pain may be;

- Just when the penis enters
- When you add anything to the finger
- When the penis is in
- Pain pain (throbbing pain) that lasts several hours after the action.

Causes of pain
The reasons may be physical (physical) or psychological.

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Some physical causes are like;
Not enough fertilization for lack of fertilization due to lack of adequate preparation, post-menstrual infertility, delivery or breastfeeding, some of the medications of mental illness, prestige and contraception.

Arthritis or surgery surgery, fatigue and surgery during childbirth. Also treatment for radioactive radiation.
The problem of vaginal veins is spreading itself (Vaginismus).

The problem of creation that causes a person to be born when the vagina is not properly developed is "vaginal agenesis and imperforate hymen."
Diseases such as "endometriosis, PID, fibroids."

Some psychological reasons are like; emotional stress, anxiety, frustration, interdependence, fear of pregnancy, history of sexual abuse in the past.


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