WATCH: How thief colludes with night guards to steal car

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Kenya news, 

A chilling video has surfaced online capturing the moment night guards collude with a thief to steal a car parked in front of a block of apartments.

In the four minute footage captured by CCTV cameras, the night guards are huddled outside the house when one of the them stands and walks to meet the oncoming thief.
The guard shakes hands with the thief and they converse briefly.

The thief then proceeds to the the driver’s side of a white car that is parked in front of the house.

He works his magic and within minutes manages to open the car door and ignite the car.
All this time the night guard stands watching as the thief unlocks the car. His colleagues who are just seated remain unmoved.

Soon the thug starts the car and drives away.
A pink matatu with a yellow strip suggests the video was captured at a yet to be know location in Kenya.


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