"Siri Imefichuka" The Businessman "Paul Kobia" is The One who Claimed to Kill Fidel Odinga

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Today marks exactly 4 years since the untimely demise of Fidel Odinga.

The son of AU envoy Raila Odinga, died in his father’s arms on the morning of 4th January 2015.

Even though the cause of his death has never been disclosed to the public, controversial Nairobi businessman Paul Kobia once claimed that he was behind the mysterious death.

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On January 8th 2015, Kobia was arrested and later taken to the hospital for a mental assessment after he became violent in Gigiri.

Mr Kobia was held near the popular Village Market after he started shouting that he was responsible for the death Fidel.
The blue Chrysler had bullet holes on the left side mirror.

However, the police denied reports that Mr Kobia was arrested in connection with Fidel Odinga’s death.

“We want to clarify that Mr Kobia was taken to Gigiri Police Station by his family who wanted to be assisted in having him restrained and escorted to a psychiatrist after he started shouting incoherently and acting violently,” said a statement issued the acting Inspector-General Samuel Arachi.

Kobia later issued a statement saying he had nothing to do with Fidel’s death.

He said claims published on social media sites and some newspapers were “false and malicious”.


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