Reporter: Jeff Koinange joins Kenyans in celebrating selfless Dusit D2 hero

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Reporter: Jeff Koinange joins Kenyans in celebrating selfless Dusit D2 hero

Media personality Jeff Koinange has joined Kenyans in celebrating first responders who rushed to 14 Riverside Drive, Westlands, on Tuesday.

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Among those who captured the nation with heroic acts at Dusit D2 and whose selflessness was captured and splashed across all media platforms in the country, was Inayat Kassam.

A man who in Koinange’s own words, made the country proud in the face of adversity.
“I celebrate you my good friend Inayat Kassam! A True hero!!Kenya is proud of you!!!”

So who is Kassam?

According to Elite Defence, he is the Managing Director of Scorpio Africa Ltd, Nairobi, and an experienced combat and shooting instructor.
He is certified as an Advanced Tactical Shooting Instructor with ITA and is a fully certified Level 2 Krav Maga Instructor with a Black Belt Level 1.

Kassam’s experience saw him lend his expertise during the 2013 Westgate Mall terror attack. An incident that has seen his photos shared widely for his endless commitment to save lives.

Here is the video Jeff Koinange did with Kassam.


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