Reformed al-Shabaab militia reveals tactics used by terror group to train suicide bombers

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On Tuesday, January 15, heavily armed al-Shabaab militants stormed DusitD2 Hotel and office complex on 14 Riverside Drive and started spraying bullets to occupants who were in the restaurant after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside an eatery.

A former al- Shabaab militia has revealed he met one of the attackers in 2012 in Somalia while undergoing training under the leadership of one Ali Salim Gichunge.

In a report by CNN, the man only identified as Musa, not his real name for security purposes, said when he saw the CCTV footage, he immediately identified Gichunge who interviewed him during recruitment to the terror group. In the video that was shared to the media after the attack, Gichunge was seen wearing a baseball cap backwards while carrying a heavily loaded gun as he entered into the hotel.

He said all those who fail such tests could be imprisoned for months before the internal security team led by people like Gichunge decides what to do with one.
Musa disclosed he was taken for a test and participated in the decapitation of a prisoner of war and later asked to kick the head like a football.

After the training, they were asked to if they were willing to volunteer to blow themselves up. Those selected were taken away from the main group where they underwent thorough brainwashing with daily Quranic studies, lectures by a sheikh, and intense physical and military training.

He further disclosed that there were many foreigners in the group but they stayed at a different place from them. "There were many foreigners. We used to swim with them (in the sea near Kismayu in southern Somalia) and we fought with them, but they lived in a different place from us," Musa added. He said after the training, everyone wants to come out and do a major attack like the DusitD2. "Everyone wants to come and do something like [the] Dusit [attack] but they have not been given the chance ... given the chance, they will come," he added.


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