READ: 12 things that most men make in bed that makes women act comfortable!

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Do you tend to do something in bed that refuses to have $ex? These are the 12 things that most men do and make women act as content rather than satisfactory (they have a fake)!

Differential figures show, and it's a good idea that not all women are getting rid of peaks every time they are dating!
But, too, many men like to act and pretend they are very romantic!
And men who do not have this, do not worry about how good they are in bed, and that no woman who has sex with her who has not brought her back!

Now, I know this is a bit strange. Is not it?
If every woman hates romantic satisfaction, these men are not liars ?, or are these women very skilled in doing so?
Why do most women play in this?

But this is often not their fault !.
Often it's not their fault and these are the mistakes of men - the breakdown of men !.
A man can be self-centered, and he cares about himself is satisfied and forget that a woman has a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment and thus fails to focus and stays in the middle.

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When we come in terms of romantic or romantic love, women have a long journey to reach different levels of men.

So if you really want to please a woman in bed, do not be afraid and do not worry that you will not bring her up, or do not expect her to get upstairs. What you have to do is just care for yourself and you have a good time in bed - all of them enjoy the act. Note that, that idea will make you do wonders in love that you have never done before.

And after that, you will be able to bring every woman in her bed as easily as the river flows in her stream !.

12 men wrong in bed and make women act as contAlso;- romantic!

These are the reasons why women decide to have fun in bed, rather than truly satisfied. Sometimes, it is not really a man's fault. But ultimately despite all of this, still the mistake seems to be her - man!

# 1 Do not exist well in ForePlay. A man may take a few seconds to strip a woman's inner clothes. But a woman like a cooking pot, it takes time to keep warm, but after getting hot, she reduces her time to lose her heat when the fire is gone. If you will not be able to play his or her smooth and skillful joints, he will not be able to enjoy the act and you will not be able to bring him up.

# 2 You do not know what he wants in bed. This is a problem for many men. Many think you know everything that affects the body of a woman, and everything that does not spell a woman fast.
 But the fact is, every woman has its own angle and every woman is expecting her in bed.

Take time to read it, look at his emotions as you play his part in the body, and learn where he's drawing him over. Do not pretend that you are an experienced person and that you know something that can stimulate you quickly - you will destroy the brother !.
# 3 Loss awareness.

When you're in bed with a woman - you have to have your natural awareness and keep it out. If you do not, your lady is so aware that you love her so much, and she loves you so much, she will not stop being dissatisfied, she will try to act as content so as to make you feel comfortable or smiling * while she longs for a man who has a teenager rather than an actress *.

# 4 You blame yourself. For some men, they are looking at and considering as having a female woman as a great victory - it's true.

And does this make them every after the game ask their women - dissatisfied baby? Rejecting - you blame yourself for being bad in bed, for the picture - next time the woman has to be content to be happy and stop complaining.

# 5 You complain about it. Have you ever complained to your wife or wife that it deals well when you are in bed?

Did you ever get angry with him and tell him such words as * why do not you deal with it? and why do not you say that I'm satisfying you in bed? * !!! "Then the nex time must be the grandfather!

# 6 is annoyed in advance. You can not tell
him you're angry, but your picture will only tell you that you did not enjoy it because he did not come to the peak. And every time it appears to be upset, it makes him feel bad, something that will make him feel that he feels comfortable while even his brain is not there.

# 7 Cure. There are times when you find yourself misplaced and thus makes you feel frustrated and lose your sense of humor while in the middle of love. And in that sense, he feels like nothing or a bitterness and angry with it!

# 8 You make her feel / see her bad. This is something most women do not like to know / recognize it. All the time. And it's a fact you should not tell him.

Do you make her feel bad, either to scorn or to tell her how pretty she is, or to look at her in the face of a bad luck - angry when she stripped off all the clothes? If you make a woman feel bad, it's very likely she will not feel so well that her mind will not be romantic, it will be how she feels about what you have done.

So everything was wrong because you dropped it in mood !.
# 9 The big boss is BUT WAR (Machinery).

Yes, when you grow up you boast that your machine is so big that you know every woman will satisfy her.

But unfortunately you find your woman - her baby is small, so it gives her a hard time when the boss blows over there, so because she feels pain, she will grow up and she feels well while she's crying for pain. If you know you are so do not hurt the boss boss - be gentle and slowly walk.

# 10 You're late to finish the match - And so he tries to hurry you up. If your woman feels overwhelmed, or you're sweating, or you're trying hard to reach the peak before it, and if she knows she does not get to the forefront, she has to do it to make you see a man that you have finished the match and have finished it all.

# 11 Children are kidnapping. This is something that must be cultivated in new relationships.

As a woman with whom she is dating, she knows that it takes a long time to reach the peak, so you do not see it as a burden that you do not feel bad or do not give birth to shortcomings - so she wants to see her like other girls who get to the top!

# 12 You use a very large pressure. If you ever vowed to him that you are a craftsman. And he built himself up to sleep that he should sleep all he should be satisfied and you will bring him as soon as possible.

When you are in the process, it turns out differently while striving to reach the climax but still it's difficult, when he goes and plays it up because you have shocked the disappointment of what he was thinking at first.


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