President Uhuru confirms 14 people died during #Riversideattack

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President Uhuru confirms 14 people died during #Riversideattack

President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that 14 lives were lost during the terror attack at DusitD2 complex.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, Uhuru said the security operation ended at about 9.30am and assured security forces will pursue those who were involved in planning, funding and execution of the heinous act.

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“The security operation at Dusit complex is over and all the terrorists eliminated. We have confirmation that 14 innocent lives were lost through the hands of these murderous terrorists” said Kenyatta.

 Swift response

Kenyatta added that over 700 people were rescued by police and is proud of the response from police and support from the public.

“We will seek out every person who was involved in the planning, funding and execution of this heinous act.

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We will pursue them relentlessly. I assure all our investors, visitors in the country that they are safe.

We are grieving as a country this morning and my heart and that of every Kenyan goes out to the innocent men and women violated by senseless violence. Over 700 civilians were evacuated from the scene of the attack.

Even as we regret the incident I commend the quick and swift response by all fighting teams for neutralising the threat.

I also commend the civilians who looked after one another during the attack. Let us now go back to work. May Gob bless Kenya” the Head of State stated.


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