Ommy Dimpoz’s death hoax evokes response from family

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Ommy Dimpoz was rushed to Germany for urgent treatment in December 2018 after his condition deteriorated, the Bongo singer underwent a major surgery in South Africa sometimes in June 2018.

Dimpoz stayed at the South African hospital for three long months before he was finally discharged. He was recuperating at home when he relapsed.

Death hoax

Rumors about Ommy Dimpoz’s death surfaced on social media on Saturday January 5th. Rumormongers were even claiming that Alikiba confirmed that his friend Dimpoz had passed on.

Ommy Dimpoz’s family was forced to come out to dispel the bad rumor. The singer’s father Faraji Nyembo clarified that his son is still alive, kicking and in a stable condition.

“Walimpeleka Ujerumani kwa matibabu na upasuaji mwingine. Nimekua nikiongea na yeye kwa simu kujua anavyoendelea,” said Ommy Dimpoz’s father.

Adding that;

“Baada ya upasuaji awali wa koo hadi tumboni, alipata tatizo la kutoa uzaha na akakimbizwa hospitalini Ujerumani.”

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