How to talk to a girl without a Swaga shortage

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Learn how to talk to a girl without being missed by a swag, no matter where you are. What you need is the 10 items here to do wonders and draw him !.

The father is present

One of the most difficult things that many men do is to catch a girl who first asks for her.

Sharing with a woman is a very simple thing you will never stop seeing, but to catch her and in a controversy.

When you need to catch a girl you have never talked to before, and you need to start talking, the heart begins to faster like a cow that goes to the brain.

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Get these 10 steps for this short time, and before you arrive there, know how to talk to the woman you want it will grow as simple as a person walking in the garden.
You really like to talk to high status women, is not it?

As you like, women like to talk to men of

For that reason, there's nothing to fear here !.
Remember, the great law of knowing when you want to know how to talk to the woman you want - you do not have to cross the steps. As you learned to walk before you knew how to run, you should know how to attach it even before you talk to him.
Now let's go.

# 1 Make him know you want him. I know you know, talking to a woman for the first time is not like a man who takes a woman and asks her to get out. It should go to step, but despite that you will not reach the target. A woman needs to know that you love her / even love before she speaks so that she can analyze / evaluate / evaluate you.

If you catch a woman who has never even seen you show interest in her, you'll just end up shocking. And she will end up telling you the word that her mother taught her when she was young - that she met a man telling her what to say "stop".

# 2 Make the item. After you know that there is a creature like you in the world, start a funeral game. Make sure you keep looking at him until he knows you look at him, and this will make him do the same though he will not like to show himself (except be surprised). Now you have to know, and he looks at you? Do her friends watch you? i am smiled at seeing you ?. Try to know that.

There is no need to know how to catch a woman who looks at her looks bad or angry, and sometimes does not care if you look at her or not. Remember a woman from another age is like catastrophes that did not attract her, so be careful.

# 3 Do not miss or call him from place. Drawing a woman from one place to another is sometimes smart and attractive, but it is not always the right way. Strive to look at the environment.

For example, if he went to a certain place, then he left and could stand and stand before him and say something like "I wish you would know how long I grew up and longed for such a time". or something else normal.

At the office, parking lot or even bar, try to ask a question that is in line with the environment.
But remember to use the language that will combine it so that you can talk more about it.

# 4 Do not run the conversation. This is a great success when you ask questions to combine and respond. If he does not answer you, you're all growing up in the talk but you have not yet been friends.

He will be answering your questions while looking at another place. Sometimes he may feel uncomfortable or you want to mix, so he will not wish to continue with the conversation.

You can do this, Identify who you are or continue asking questions and then a little later identifying yourself. In view of his talk, tell him how long you grew up and longed to meet him.

He already knows how long you've been looking at him, so you do not need to play that you're shocking.

# 5 Give a chance. Do not stop places that will make him uncomfortable, environmentally friendly like hippos or hiding places. If you can, you can talk to him even before his friends. Remember, stopping a safe place will make him feel confident and trust you too that you're not a bad person.

After stimulating her, she will now want to keep talking to you more and you will be so impatient that she will not be able to diagnose her as a coworker.


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