How To Address the Problem of Women's Disease in the Natural Way

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Women's abnormalities are the problem of a woman's failure to conceive despite engaging in sex with a non-immune man.

The problem of abortion for at least one year with the woman actively engaging in sex and the man is called sterility. Sterility is not the same or is not the same as the woman's problem of feeling uncomfortable or not having a feeling of 'Frigidity'.

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There are many reasons why a woman should become pregnant. A man can also be a source of inflammation because he has no abortion. Thus, that is, a man should never blame a woman who is sexually active with her as a 'spouser' when a male and female together have the same percentage as the source of adultery.

That is why when a man and a woman get married and they are fully active for a period of one year but no female symptoms are pregnant, both of them should go together for spouses in reproductive health issues to be examined.

In order for a woman to have a pregnancy, a woman should squeeze herbs on a woman's vagina. The semen travels through the female vagina through the fallopian tube to fertilize the female egg (ova).

Now for male seed (sperms to be safe while traveling in female vaginal fluid should be in the vagina in the alkaline fluid) If the fluid is not in the form of aromatic acid, the acid will die and there will be no female egg supplements.

For feminine ovaries to be in the required condition of alkaline two things are very important. One nervous nerve in the female vagina is acting properly.

A nervous woman is not easy to get pregnant. So the nervousness of a woman should not be a thought-provoking or disturbed person, she should eat full meals and should have time to rest her (rest and relaxation) mind.

Second, a woman should eat alkaline foods in the body that are vegetable and fruit vegetables, also avoid eating a lot of foods that cause acid in the body.

Now let's look at the causes of the problem of woman's vagina. These causes include defects of physical defects or structural abnormalities of genitals and reproductive organs.

A woman may have either been born with such shortcomings in the abortion or fallopian tubes or she has inherited from the accident. Another factor is called 'Physical debility' that a woman has poor physical health due to her illnesses and remains in her body of chronic illnesses. These diseases include STIs.

Likewise, anemia or a female obesity or a minor weight that is not required by the Body Mass Index (BMI) can make a woman less likely to have pregnancy.

Other causes are the body of a woman who does not produce essential contraceptive hormone and lack of normal menstrual cycle, in line with psychological problems, especially when a woman is nourished or has a mental disorder, emotional stress, tension, mental depression, anxiety, and fear).

Treatment for the cause of physical defects is a woman who needs to be tested for reproductive health issues and advise accordingly.

Treatment for the causes of 'physical debility' can be transmitted in normal ways only by eating the necessary foods, caring for and respecting the body (ie hygiene and immune protection) and following the laws of nature.

A woman with a disorder problem that is not a deficiency in contraceptive organs is advised to start treatment in the natural way.

First start with fasting for two days while using enough water to clean up the waste in the body. Thereafter, eat a total diet of about 70-80% of their natural uncooked states because food dieting reduces or tries to supplement nutrients in foods.

The diet should have seeds, seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits. In those meals also use milk and honey. Oil that you use in vegetable oils.

For a woman to have a healthy body, I advise her to follow this meal schedule. In the morning getting up, drink a glass of fresh water served (breakfast) add fresh fruits such as apples, orange, bananas, grapes, and butter cream and milk one glass.

Lunch lunch with vegetables that are squeezed (completely irregular) and sealed with butter juice and salts, two or three potatoes and a glass of buttermilk. During the lunch period (lunch)


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