15 things to do for a man you love to spend all time for you!

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Often you have been struggling to do things for your boyfriend so that he will love you more, but that's what has left you overlooked.

Do not worry - This does not happen anymore! Use these 15 definite ways to draw your heart

Being able to get married and to attract a man is not a simple task. With the current turmoil of the world and the ever-increasing world of technology makes the man you love is very little! You do not know what they are looking for and what they really like.

Man is a wonderful creature and it's so easy to draw his mind as you love him, though they have.

so many things hard to discover, but what they like in a woman is almost all around the world. Do not misunderstand me, here I am not talking about outward appearance / body, because this differs between man and man.

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I'm talking about things that will cause him to turn away from the rest of his rest and keep looking at you and saying "Daah really is a different woman"
How can you make him love and spend time with you?

We do not say everything here will succeed for every man, because as I said earlier, every man has a diversity. But this will not only make him happy but will make him lose his full potential.

# 1 Be original. Yes, just do not take your eyes quickly to read this sentence for sabab is a sentence that you used to hear often. But you've never wondered why is something that is often recommended when you start new?

Because it's true! Being original is a great thing that can make a man more favorable to you. It should be clear to you who you are from the inside of your character, making yourself an actress later! Becoming an original will make a man you love to love you just as you are.

Do not try to perform some drama that you will play will love you more dramatically there. The fact is that he will tell you to turn away, men are very simple, but they are not stupid enough to imitate them.

# 2 Believe. I know this you are accustomed to hear it too. Self-confidence is fascinating. It means you know who you are and you want the whole world to know who you are - and the men like this. Resist all your weaknesses and trust you just need to love you.

# 3 Hon. There is nothing unthinkable for men like a woman who does not respect. Men know - if you can show behaviors of self-respect - how can you convince him that you can respect others? For you to be self-respecting to make his eyes and his thoughts just to hurt you !.

# 4 Set your rules with your Make-standard known standards. If you are from a man and he wants to go back to bed with you the same day, or the next day or the third day and you're unusual to do so to know you're not so! If you really want not to worry about others and go with other women still in the "dating" step, let's know you're not so easy.

By referring to your rules, you will be interested not only in your self-respect but, in fact, you want to be in line with you

# 5 Be Gentle, Satisfied, Good. When you meet someone for the first time - what he sees is how he will translate it.

Be generous and gentle is the very thing a man will be attracted to. If you are genuinely friendly to him and to the people around you, he will assume that you are generous in general, and men are always looking for such a pearl for a woman.
# 6 Be a guide. This does not mean being a boss! Do not do that wrong.

 While some men may like that character (very few), but they change things after some time. Being a command is one of the ways to show him you can be a leader / manager of something. In many cases, some spouses think that they are often supposed to be leaders in every matter, and it's really good when they order a thing and a woman is doing it but you can show that you can manage what you are going to do with her!

# 7 Do not worry about yourself and your stuff. I do not mean you live like miss Africa - no! What I say you need to put your stuff in the design and setting that are familiar with you and your stuff. Practice, eat well, and be clean are the habits that most men enjoy. Why? Because it means you do not want to do your job but make your health condition stronger, but also beautify and feel comfortable around it.

If he sees that you care about himself, he will know the great ability to hold himself - something he loves so much.

# 8 Do not be a quick reader. Do not try to make him love you. Be very careful about your actions when you are in front of him - do not miss your goal exactly what it is. Ask her to have questions about what you are like. This will give her a pich that you care about yourself and your stuff but pi recognizes her presence.

# 9 Be gentle. It's so hard for a man to love you and to draw his mind if he does not know well !. Its turn. Now do not begin to dream about all the things about him - you will destroy. He does not care that you have a family who lasted one week ago and made you grow all day long.

Tell him your goals, goals, and dreams. Give your ideas and attitudes to some of the things that are happening in the community around them or even in the world. By letting him know.


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