PETER MBUI - KURUTU (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Feat. Dan Mbui, Kaymo, Dj Ruff and ...

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KURUTU is a song originally written by Peter Mbui who is a humble civil servant working with the
NYS paramilitary training institute in Gilgil.
While serving as an NYS Senior Sergeant, he realised that new recruits got easily agitated with the
strenuous physical and mental exercises they were made to endure. So, as creative as he is, Peter
Mbui thought of an artistic way to motivate these recruits.
Just before they would begin the physical exercises at
3:00AM, he began to ask the recruits in a
repetitious chorus “Kurutu, kwani umenuna?” which can be interpreted as “Hey recruit, are you
He later took this chorus to a studio and made his first record of the song which he called ‘Afande
Kurutu’. Within a very short while, this record became a major banger in all the NYS institutions in
Kenya and earned him fame and high ranking in the institutions.
However, Peter Mbui, accompanied by his brother Daniel Mbui who is an Administrative Police,
still needed to reach the rest of the Kenyan masses with this motivational gospel of finding
strength and encouragement in Jesus when one’s well runs dry. It was for this reason that he
looked for major movers on the Kenyan gospel music scene i.e. Dj Ruff, Kabi WaJesus and Kaymo,
and collaborated to remake the hit into what is currently known as KURUTU.

This song is suitable to all age groups and will not upset children under whichever


It can be enjoyed by the family in all types of events, driving, parties, weddings,

clubs, churches, e.t.c.

‘Kurutu’ is a very danceable song that follows simple steps as it outlines the dancing
moves and the instructions to follow as one listens and dances to the song. These
moves have been simplified; so much that even a double-left-legged human being

can dance to this super song.

We believe that, having been inspired by the Holy ghost, then produced and mastered
by one of the best and the finest producers in the country, Kaymo (Elea Production)
and shot by a very energetic and creative mind, Kabi Wajesus (Bantu Films), once
you hit the play button, this song is likely to blow your mind out of your skull closet
and overtake your emotional state of being, raising your vibration to a whole new
ecstatic experience in the most dynamic and transformative way.
This song will take the gospel music industry to a whole new level as this message

is being preached far and wide.

And now without further ado, tighten your seatbelt and get ready for... (Press play).

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